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 This Should really make you think!

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Roger Brown


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PostSubject: This Should really make you think!   Wed May 06, 2009 5:04 pm

I want every Inventor to take a look at this statement they have posted on their website. I will give Davison credit for posting this information as required by law. At the same time I will give Inventors an “F” for either not reading this statement or reading it and still proceeding. Look at how many Inventors have contracted them (49,034) Look at how many received a net financial profit as a direct result of the company’s services over the company’s history, since 1989, (14).
Am I the only one that sees this as a problem?! Inventors need to wake up!!!


Davison complies with all regulatory codes. 35 United States Code §297 requires that specific information be provided to you prior to contracting for our services:
Davison does not offer evaluations of idea submissions for commercial potential; therefore, the total number evaluated in the past five years is zero (0), the number of positive evaluations is zero (0) and the number of negative evaluations is zero (0). The total number of customers who have contracted with Davison in the past five years is forty nine thousand thirty four (49,034). The number of customers who received a net financial profit as a direct result of the company’s services over the company’s history, since 1989, is fourteen (14). Since 1989, the total number of customers known by Davison to have received license agreements for their product ideas as a direct result of Davison’s services is four hundred sixteen (416).
It is Davison’s normal practice to seek more than one contract in connection with a submitted idea. Those contracts are:
Pre-Development and Representation- Davison will: (a) provide information on products and patents relevant to the development of the product idea; and (b) attempt to locate a licensee for the product idea after it is fully developed. Davison charges a fee of six hundred and ninety five dollars ($695) plus a ten percent commission of all money received by the client on the sale or license of the product.
New Product Sample Agreement- Davison offers to professionally design and construct a product sample, graphics, packaging and presentation materials. While the fees for these services are individually quoted based upon the complexity, type and anticipated design work and materials to be used in designing and constructing the invention, the fees typically range from several thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000).
Repackaging/refurbishment- For three hundred and thirty five dollars ($335) we will create an additional set of graphics/packaging and refurbish/repair a product sample for a presentation to an additional potential licensee.
Davison Design and Development, Inc. was previously known as Davison & Associates, Inc., operating from the same address, 595 Alpha Drive, RIDC Park, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

Numbers current as of April 10, 2009

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This Should really make you think!
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