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 Market Research Questions

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Sally Hopkins


Location : Northlake, IL.

PostSubject: Market Research Questions   Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:41 pm

Hello, I was wondering how to put together a market research questionnaire on my product. Is there a specific way the questions should be asked?
Thank you in advance Smile
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Bill Goldblatt


PostSubject: Re: Market Research Questions   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:44 pm

I provide a generalized response...

Once you figure out what you want to find out - take that a step further by determining the underlying drivers.

If you want to estimate market demand for a product, don't seek to find out what the market demand is. I mean, do that. But...figure out what would/could drive market demand and ask questions which will provide you with info that you can analyze to predict market demand. Don't just come straight out and ask "would you buy this?"

People often can't predict their own behavior, and sometimes they can't predict their own needs. And even when they can you are counting on them to take time out of their life and think so much about these subjects? You are better off trying to be the predictor. Your aim should be to obtain relatively factual data when possible and use that to support your predictions.

Also, of course, its not just the questions that matter, but the demographics. Be creative and conduct a survey where those answering it and taking the time to reply to it are actually representative of the demographic(s) you have in mind.

- Bill
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Market Research Questions
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